Taoist Funeral Service And Taoist Funeral Packages Singapore

Coping with the death of a loved one is never easy.

It becomes impossible for some people to carry out even basic chores, let alone preparing for and executing the funeral. At the same time, they want to make sure that the last goodbye for their beloved doesn’t miss out on any important custom or ritual, no matter how small or big.

And that’s where we step in. Our Taoist funeral services assist grieving family and friends in conducting a meaningful funeral service with smooth logistics and arrangements.

From acquiring death certificates to catering at the wake, our one-stop funeral services are here to share the responsibilities.

Taoist Funeral Package
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What Do We Offer In Our Taoist Funeral Package

We understand that the rituals of a Taoist funeral vary from one dialect group to another. And our funeral directors are well versed with the different traditions to ensure that the entire process is conducted smoothly. Moreover, you can always reach out to them for seeking advice or guidance about the rituals and how to go about them in the best way possible.

Although the funeral rites and our subsequent services will depend on the specific dialect group, here are some of the common services that we offer.

1. Pre Funeral - Preparing The Body

First and foremost, our dedicated specialists take utmost care to clean the body of the deceased with a wet towel and conduct the embalming process. After that, they will dust the body with talcum powder and dress the deceased in a clean and pressed outfit. 

The family members can also pitch in their suggestions of requests for colours (except red). 

2. Taoist Casket Services

We offer spacious and premium caskets to ensure that the body can lie properly throughout the funeral procession. In this regard, you can opt for a four-sided, crematable Taoist casket that comes with a pillow and the traditional Taoist heaven-and-earth blanket. Aside from that, you can choose to go for a glass or half-covered casket and our optional pallbearer services.

3. Procession And Cremation Spot

We have a specialised group for assisting you in the preparation and organised execution of the Taoist funeral procession. Aside from that, our experts will facilitate booking your preferred cremation spot (subject to availability).

4. Taoist Funeral Rituals

The rituals for the funeral typically take place on an altar, which features a sacred lamp, a couple of candles and an enlarged photograph of the deceased kept in front of the casket. 

Our clients can rest assured knowing that we will arrange everything from joss sticks and funeral lanterns. Aside from that, we will contact a priest who has thorough knowledge of the specific Taoist funeral customs. 

Generally, the priest will start by chanting the scriptures and mantras, after which he proceeds to circle the fire lit close to the “nine tiles” of the underworld. The ceremony concludes by the priest waving a sword to ward off the presence of evil spirits and using it to break the tiles, which signifies the “freeing” of the soul.

Another important ritual is the burning of paper products and replicas of worldly items, such as money, cars, joss paper or a paper house, etc. This is believed to help the deceased in the afterlife, and we make arrangements for that too.

5. Taoist Funeral Wake Service

Whether you want to conduct the wake at a funeral parlour (like the Sin Ming funeral parlour), ceremonial hall or HDB void deck, our post funeral services team will help you with everything.

Our Other Services

1. Taoist Funeral Packages

The Taoist funeral rites usually last for 3,5 or 7 days, which is why we have introduced packages that take care of all your requirements. For instance, our standard Taoist funeral package includes:

  • Licensed embalmers (for sea burial and cremation)
  • Body cleaning, dressing and makeup
  • Casket options and woodwind instruments
  • Transportation, booking services and food offerings
  • Photo enlargement, donation box and condolence box
  • Taoist priest chanting ceremony on the funeral day and final night
  • Ceremonial items like funeral lanterns (according to different dialect groups)
  • Paper replicas (depending on the dialect)
  • Floral decorations and altar arrangements, including reception table
  • Ash collection
  • Ritual assistants

2. Customised Funeral Packages

Clients can also customise the package according to their needs and budget after consulting with a funeral director. 

Do We Arrange The Funeral Feast?

Yes, we arrange for funeral feasts (not included in the standard package), wherein foods and drinks are charged separately as consumed. This helps keep a check on the funeral expenses so that you don’t end up paying for anything extra or unnecessary.

Here, we should mention that the cost for feasts and food offerings will depend on the dialect and the rituals to be observed.

Why Choose Us?

We are one of the best Taoist funeral services Singapore has, with the right expertise and resources for conducting Taoist funerals in different parts of the country. Our expert walks you through each step of the process so that you have a clear idea of the traditions and customs. This will be especially beneficial for the younger generations who may be in charge of the preparations.

You can get in touch with our funeral directors, and they will suggest a plan according to your dialect and requirements. Aside from that, they will educate you about our pricing policies so that you don’t have to prepare for sudden expenses.

They will also ask you to keep a few things prepared, which generally include:

1. Valid Identification Proof

The valid identification proof of both the deceased and next of kin will be required to access the death certificate.

2. Choice Of Venue

You can choose from the best funeral parlours, or you can decide to hold the proceedings on your private property.

3. Choice Of Clothes

Let our embalmers know beforehand if you’d like the deceased to be dressed in specific clothes or want a particular colour code. We will try our best to fulfil all your requests.

4. Photograph

Select a photograph that will best reflect the deceased, and we will enlarge and frame it for use throughout the funeral and wake service.

Taoist Funeral Package
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