Taoist Funeral Service and Taoist Funeral Packages Singapore

Our all-in Taoist funeral package differs across dialects, ranging from Hokkien, Teochew, Cantonese, Hainanese or the Hakka funeral procedure. Our funeral director will guide you in carrying out the Taoist funeral service. Across all dialects, the standardized Taoist funeral package will include handmade paper house and a Taoist priest chanting scriptures. All prices quoted are nett and no hidden charges are involved. 

Taoist Funeral Package
Taoist Funeral Set Up

Preparing a Taoist Funeral in Singapore for a Beloved Family Member? These are the Things to Note.

Clothing – The clothing attire that they love and would want to wear as a final dressing.

Identification Cards – Both the idenfication card for the deceased and the next of kin will be required for verification purposes for the issuance of death certificate.

Choice of Cremation Centre/Burial Site – Choice of 1 government cremation centre(for all religions) and 2 private cremation centre(for the Buddhist and Taoist community). Burial(for all religion) can be done at Choa Chu Kang Cemetery(for all religion).

Photograph – Choose one that reflects the loved one well. This photograph will be enlarged and used for the entire funeral.

Taoist Funeral Customary

There are several denominations of the Taoist religion and the funeral service vary from each other. However, the similarities and common practices are as such.

Summoning of the Soul

This process is done by repeatedly calling out the deceased’s name in the hope of resurrection. For deaths caused by accident, a small prayer to be held in the vicinity of the accident site as it is believed that the spirit of the deceased is loitering in the area not knowing that he/she had passed.

Ritual Cleansing

During the process, family members gather in a private room with the deceased. The eldest son will proceed to clean the body. However, this may not be applicable for some dialects and sects.

Taoist Practices and Beliefs

Most Singaporeans will be confused with the close association between Taoism and Buddhism beliefs as both co-existed for most art of the Chinese history. There is some influence from Buddhism embedded onto Taoism practice when it comes to funeral for Taoist families. It is not uncommon to attend a Taoist wake to see Buddhist monks chanting as the grieving family is battling with loss and a time critical booking of appropriate religious leaders for the funeral. We are here to help you with our expertise and the customization of Taoist funeral packages and funeral service in Singapore.

Taoist Funeral and the Role of our Funeral Director

Taoist funeral practices and customs are not common knowledge for the general public especially with the diversification into individual dialects and sects. Henceforth the role of the Funeral Director is especially important in ensuring that the right rituals and customs are carried out. Our staffs are well-trained in this prospect to provide the correct procedures and advices to properly honour and provide a dignified funeral. 

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