Soka Funeral Service and Soka Funeral Packages Singapore

Do you need help setting up Soka funeral services? There are some details that you need to understand about these services. We offer comprehensive Soka funeral packages and funeral services you can rely on.

Many Singaporeans are part of the Soka Gakkai, a religious organization that hails from Japan. It is a Buddhist religious movement that bases its tenets on the teachings of Nichiren, a 13th-century Japanese priest. The governing body of this religion’s practitioners is the Singapore Soka Association (SSA).

If you need to set up a Soka funeral in Singapore, take note of the following:

  • The theme is modern compared to traditional Buddhist funerals
  • The design and setting choice leans toward minimalist decorations
  • You will notice that there is less chanting and other formal rituals
  • Soka Gakkai services also tend to be simpler compared to other religious rites
  • There is still chanting though it is more focused on the Daimoku
  • The overall setup of the funeral is neat with a few centerpieces
  • Decorations are bright with white being the main color
  • Notice that there will be pallbearers during the ceremonies and they will be wearing matching uniforms

Features of a Soka Funeral Service Singapore

Our funeral directors are in charge of assisting families as they hold Soka funeral services. They are experienced professionals who have mastered the arrangements in hosting funeral services following the concepts of Nichiren Buddhism.

Note that there is no specific need for a cleric or priest to be present in Soka funeral ceremonies. That is why our personnel will be more than happy to make all the necessary arrangements for you.

Throughout the conduct of these funeral rites, our funeral directors will work with and under the guidance of the Singapore Soka Association. One of the main goals of a Soka funeral service is to cultivate an air and theme of sympathy.

We also make it a point to ensure minimalist design when arranging the décor and materials for the wake. This is per Soka teachings, compared to the somewhat lavish themes of a traditional Buddhist funeral.

The setup for Soka funeral services is more straightforward and without a lot of frills. Another notable difference is that instead of having a Buddhist monk for the chanting ceremonies, you will see a Soka Gakkai chief in the lead.

This lay leader is the official that will perform and take the head of the funeral service. We will help to set up the equipment and materials needed for Daimoku chanting and the recitations of the Sutra.

Note that this type of Japanese Buddhist funeral ceremony usually does not include a lot of complicated rituals. You can think of it as a modern version of the traditional Buddhist funeral service. That is why you won’t find a lot of formalized rituals during a Soka funeral.

How Our Funeral Directors Can Help

The Soka Gakkai is a relatively new religious movement. In fact, it is still viewed as a branch of Nichiren Shōshū Buddhism. It is also considered as a type of lay organization with no clergy. That is why a lot of the chanting and ceremonies are led by local lay leaders.

The Singapore Soka Association is the governing body when it comes to holding funerals by its members. Note that there isn’t a lot of literature about the Soka Gakkai funeral rights on the internet.

You need to contact the SSA for guidance when it comes to ceremonies and permitted rites. You also need to consult them before trying certain decorations as well. Our funeral directors are highly experienced and have helped facilitate Soka funerals.

They have worked closely with the SSA on many occasions. This experience has helped them understand what is required and what is allowed during funeral ceremonies. This makes them an invaluable resource when you plan for the funeral preparations.

Why You Can Trust Us

We are a full-service funeral company with industry experience that spans more than a decade. We have helped hundreds of families in Singapore set up Soka and other types of funerals through the years.

Our team intimately understands what is needed in a Soka funeral in Singapore. Note that our rates are very straightforward and we do not impose any hidden charges. We provide our customers with all-inclusive and very competitive rates.

The Soka Religion

Officially organized in 1972, the SSA is the Buddhist organization that promotes the teachings of Nichiren Buddhism. The Singapore Soka Association is your go-to authority if you want to understand the doctrines and teachings of this form of Buddhism.

A lot of its traditions are similar to Mahayana teachings. The word “Soka” itself can be translated to “value creation.” It emphasizes the core part of Buddhism that affirms that human beings can reach their full potential.

That is why Soka practitioners strive to live up to that ideal. They seek both spirituality and wisdom. To that end, they strive to live fully empowered lives understanding its value. They try to be a positive influence on their community and on society in general.

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