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Why It Makes Sense to Choose an LED Wreath Over Funeral Flowers in Singapore

Funerals are no less than truly mournful occasions. However, a part of any funeral is also a celebration of life. We honor the life of the deceased and strive to bring comfort to the bereaved family.

One of the sincerest ways to show this intent is to honor the family with an LED Wreath. It’s an elaborate way to show support to the family at a truly difficult time. On top of that, you’re also helping to provide an eye-catching accent to the décor during the funeral.

Our beautiful LED funeral wreaths uses artificial flowers which is safe for members of the wake allergic to pollen. Besides, artificial flowers can last throughout the wake which might last between 3-7 days, unlike flowers that wilt in unfavorable weather conditions.

Suitable for Christian Funerals, Catholic Funerals, Taoist Funerals, Buddhist Funerals and Soka Funerals.

Why Choose Us To Send Condolence Flowers?

Unlike a traditional florist, Singapore funeral services is our core business. In comparison with traditional floral wreaths, LED wreaths always gets compliments from attendees of the funeral wake due to the luminescent effect enhanced by the night.

Condolences Flowers: All You Need To Know

There’s a special significance of condolences flowers. They resemble a gesture of goodwill that goes hand in hand with mourning.

How can a particular flower arrangement be so powerful in displaying an emotion – without words – is truly amazing. The power within these flowers is purely symbolic.

Perfected over time with cultural undertones, condolences flowers try to beautify someone’s passing – perhaps the most holistic thing that can be done under those circumstances.

Funeral Flowers - A Timeless Tradition

Centuries-old tradition holds that people give funeral flowers to the family of a dearly departed. They are often given away in bouquet form and also as flower wreaths. They also make better gifts during such an occasion.

  • Funeral wreaths add sentimental value

The presence of flowers figuratively speaks volumes of words that have been left unspoken. They carry a message of understanding and they are a great show of sympathy.

Giving away flowers for someone who has passed on is a tradition that is centuries old. It shows that you value the person who has now departed. It is also a sign that their memory lives on within you.

  • It is a token of respect

A floral wreath is a show of respect. If the deceased is a mentor, a superior, or a senior, then giving an LED wreath will be a huge acknowledgment of the person he or she was. It is something that you are expressing to the public.

  • It carries a spiritual significance

The flowers given away with every LED wreath in Singapore have a spiritual significance. Of course, certain flowers are used as an expression of love and affection. However, the flowers that are used for funeral wreaths express not only love for the deceased. It also shows sympathy for the bereaved.

Flowers also depict the spiritual journey that mankind must traverse in this fleeting mortal life. We all begin life as gentle innocent creatures like flowers budding in the beginning. Our life then begins to bloom and increase in majesty and beauty.

That is when we reach our prime and our full potential is on display for the world to see. After which, we all come to that point when our lives wither away–just like a flower no matter how beautiful we once were.

Flowers depict the fleeting nature of our lives. However, they also show that we mostly remember the best in the lives of our loved ones. They may be gone, but we remember them for the best things that they were. Just like a flower—we only remember how it bloomed. And that is a truly lasting memory.

Wreaths are usually arranged in a circular or cyclic pattern–something that tends to repeat over and over. This has a spiritual significance as well. It shows that life is a cycle and death is not the end.

Comparison of LED Wreath and Funeral Flowers

What do condolences flowers symbolize?

Different colors and arrangements of condolences flowers symbolize different things.

  1. White flowers symbolize peace and purity. For example, if someone has passed of old age, then white flowers are perhaps the best way to compliment their endurance, peace, and purity.
  2. Red flowers express respect, courage, passion, and perhaps most importantly, love. Sadly, we see too many losses and a significant number of them are the losses of a loved young person. Red condolences flowers allow us to respect the deceased as well as our own passion for them.
  3. Yellow flowers usually bring out the happy memories surrounding a person. Many cultures believe that death is a part of one’s life cycle. Instead of mourning in sadness, bringing yellow flowers symbolizes that you believe that even if the person is materialistically gone, their happy memories continue to inspire us, and they never truly leave us. A mild celebration, if you may.

Softer, more pastel-like shades of condolences flowers have a feminine touch to them. They might be more appropriate when dedicated to females. On the other hand, deeper shades and more saturated colors generally symbolize masculinity, therefore suitable for the event of the loss of a male.

The importance of condolences flowers

Conveying your heartfelt feelings isn’t easy, especially when it’s the loss of someone close.

A flower arrangement does that for you, and much more.

It’s the emotional bridge that you might need to show your mourning, respect, and love upon someone’s passing.

Flowers can symbolize different things based on which colors they are and what arrangement they are in. A wreath made of blue flowers can easily signify deep sadness and condolences, whereas a bouquet of yellow flowers can help alleviate some of the sadness and enable people to remember the good and happy moments with the deceased.

Flowers have the power to change emotions. And as such, it’s all the more important that you think twice before deciding on what to bring to a funeral.

What flowers should I include in an arrangement for condolences?

Mostly, condolences flower arrangements are made of orchids, daisies, roses, lilies, carnations, gladioli, chrysanthemums, and hydrangea.

You can make funeral baskets, floor bouquets, casket sprays, standing sprays, or wreaths and garlands from these. Floral art and live plants are also used.

Personalization and Custom Options

A lighted LED wreath can send customized message to the grieving. These wreaths can also be arranged in such a way as to carry a certain message. The meaning behind the custom features of the lights and flowers can be conveyed according to the family’s wishes.

A Show of Effort

Giving away condolence money can be helpful to the family. It can help ease the burden of the costs that they have to shoulder due to the passing of a family member. However, it is a relatively easy gesture to make–one that doesn’t require a lot of effort and planning.

On the other hand, sending funeral flowers takes time and effort. It shows that you are willing to put in enough care to the gesture and that certainly gets appreciated. Of course, a florist can set up the wreath for you. This still represents a good amount of effort and concern on your part. However, LED wreaths stands out amongst the many funeral flower stands the grieving family receives.

It is an effective way of showing how much you care.

Environmental-Friendly and Budget-Friendly Options

A common problem with sending real flowers as a funeral gift is that flower withers. For floral wreaths, depending on weather conditions, it could last up to 3-5days. However, with a LED wreath, the plastic florals will remain aesthetically pleasing even for a 7 days wake.

Adding a Contemporary Touch: Balloon Columns

Balloon columns and arches are eye-catching features on any occasion—including funerals in Singapore. 

You can use them as inexpensive accents that you can add to LED wreaths. We can provide you with options to combine balloon pillars for funerals and wreaths.

They add a more contemporary touch and they can also help to match the mood and theme.

Wrapping up

These flowers themselves come in different shapes and sizes. There’s also a lot of scope in customizing the floral arrangements.

There are no written rules. Pick your flowers based on what you want to symbolize. Make your own arrangements. Let the flowers speak a thousand words on your behalf.

Remember, the sky’s the limit with condolences flowers. There are seemingly infinite arrangements depending on which flowers you choose, what sizes and colors they are, what supporting elements you wish to incorporate, and so on.

Give it proper thought and you’ll be able to create a piece of art that speaks volumes about how you feel.

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