Christian Funeral Service and Christian Funeral Packages Singapore

The death of a loved one is an emotional and demanding experience. If you are not prepared ahead, organizing a funeral can be overwhelming, especially when you are grieving. Considering the peculiarities of the Christian faith, it’s wise to choose a funeral parlor that specializes in Christian funeral services. We seek to unburden your load by taking charge of all funeral needs so you can focus on the healing process. At the forefront of our services are comfort and reassurance. We aim to make every funeral experience as encouraging to the bereaved as possible.
Christian Funeral Set Up
Christian Funeral Service

Christian Funeral Practices

The Christian ceremony is distinguished from other religions because it purely observes the principles of the Christian faith. More importantly, Christians strongly believe in the afterlife and the eternal security that can be achieved in Christ.

So while the funeral process is generally known as a lamenting period, the ideal mood for a Christian setting is one of joy and hope. Every part of the ceremony must be geared towards encouragement.

A Christian funeral service is a way for mourning families and loved ones to pay their final respects to the deceased individual. Our objective is to create an atmosphere of support among family members and the deceased can be dearly remembered.

Christian funeral services, like Catholic funeral service, are usually held the following week after death. The venue is either at the church, funeral home, or simply at the HDB void deck.

It usually lasts for an hour, but it depends on special requests by the bereaved. Technically, Christianity can be further broken down into many denominations like Evangelical, Anglican, Baptist, Lutheran, Methodist, and others.

Depending on your spiritual views and personal choices, the Christian funeral ceremony comprises of the following essentials:

  • Opening Remarks
  • Prayers, Songs, or Hymns
  • Bible Reading
  • Eulogy
  • Sharing the Word of God
  • Laying of flowers by loved ones

The styles on how to conduct the above elements are variable, depending on what you and the church representatives will decide upon.

For decorations, the funeral setup is usually designed with white drapes and curtains, which symbolize peace and purity. The common colors for attire in a Christian funeral are black and white.

The grieving is still part of healing, so we will make sure that this journey is momentous.

Customized Funeral Services

Do you want to keep the funeral simple? Solemn? Or with a customized theme?

While it’s entirely up to your preferences, we make sure to guide you so you can easily choose.

To give it a personal touch, we can tailor-fit it according to your needs. Our Christian funeral packages can be adjusted depending on your preferences while making sure that the Christian customs are preserved.

Our goal is to cater to the unique needs of every family so that the departing journey will be meaningful.

We can sit down with your church pastor and associates and plan every detail of the funeral ceremony. We will ensure that nothing is missed out. If you have any lacking needs like choir, minister, and others, don’t hesitate to tell us as we are ready to help you anytime.

If our available complete packages cannot satisfy your present wishes, we are willing to adjust to meet those demands.

Professional Undertaker Team

In our company, we treat each customer as a family. And as part of the family, we make sure that you receive the best support and comfort during this time.

We understand the situation you are in and it might be weighty for you to make the arrangements. With this, we commit to supporting the whole funeral process – from the groundwork of the funeral plan until its execution.

Our whole team, which includes an experienced funeral director and morticians, is equipped to handle the following activities through the whole funeral process.

  • Planning for future funerals (preneed)
  • Funeral coordination and supplies acquisition
  • Logistical transfer of deceased to the mortuary
  • Preparing the deceased’s remains
  • Performing ceremonial activities in  honor of the deceased
  • Executing the final arrangements for the deceased
  • Preparing obituary notice for newspaper publication
  • Prepare paperwork for the deceased

Once our team receives a call on the death of your loved one, we pledge to stay by your side 24/7. With a compassionate team, we will keep in touch with you so you can leave all the funeral technicalities to us.

Reasonable Christian Funeral Package Prices

We offer our high-quality Christian funeral services in affordable yet comprehensive packages. Every package can be customized according to your preferences.

If there are any items in the package you would like to exclude or lacking items you want to include, feel free to discuss them with us.

Depending on your needs, the essentials of our packages include the following:

  • Body collection and transfer
    • Collection from hospital
    • Transfer to embalming facility
    • Transport to wake venue
  • Embalming, dressing, and aesthetics
  • Church coordination
    • Program
    • Choir / Worship team
  • Casket Services & Furnishing
  • Wake Setup and Decoration
    • PA System
    • Tentage
    • Furniture (tables and chairs)
    • Lighting and Fans
    • Guest Reception
    • Flow Arrangement
      • Floral wreath
    • Mobile Toilet
  • Food and Drinks
  • Hearse Rental
  • Photo
    • Photo Wreath
    • Photo Enlargement (wooden frame)
  • Cremation and burial arrangments
  • Other Miscellaneous services:
    • Register book for donations
    • Condolence book
    • Bus rental
    • Ash collection service

We are transparent with our funeral service pricing and they can be further customized. Identify the components of the package that you want to modify or be removed and we’ll make sure you get a wonderful deal.

We structure the pricing of our packages based on the number of wake days and the venue of the wake. More wake days would mean a slightly higher price.

For funeral wakes held at private venues, there will be a slight price variation due to the tentage.

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