Catholic Funeral Service and Catholic Funeral Packages Singapore

Dealing with the loss of a loved one can be devastating and stressful. One cannot fully prepare oneself for the passing of a dear friend or family member, even in circumstances where their demise is dreadfully expected. Preparing a beautiful funeral service in their memory can help ease some of the pain and focus on the joy that they brought to your lives. But in the face of crippling grief, how do you go through the motions of planning a funeral service? It’s certainly not easy, but our Catholic funeral packages and service are thoughtfully curated to suit your needs.

Catholic Religious Practice and Beliefs

Catholics believe that the soul proceeds to one of three supernatural destinations when they pass on. Heaven, Hell, and Purgatory are these three places. Those who have lived righteously and piously on earth go on to Heaven, whereas those who have squandered their earthly existence with unforgiveable sins are doomed to spend eternity in Hell. For those who have been sinful yet have not been condemned to hell, they are sent to Purgatory until the Second Coming so that they may atone for their wrongdoings before advancing to Heaven. The Second Coming of the Lord, or Judgment Day, is sacred to Catholics. We believe that on this day, all souls will be reunited and welcomed into the gates of Heaven for an eternity of peace. Our Catholic funeral packages reflect our deeply rooted beliefs as devout Catholics and ensure that each detail is elegantly executed. 

A Catholic funeral arrangement in Singapore begin when the family contacts the parish of the deceased. The preferred parish of the departed individual is usually the parish of choice for their Catholic funeral services. This is normally the parish that the departed frequently attended while they were still among the living. However, if the family encounters any conflicts in this regard, the parish closest to the departed loved one’s home will typically be selected. The chosen parish will then provide a venue for the wake and a priest for the final rites. The Catholic funeral services will be coordinated by the priest with the family of the deceased to accommodate any last wishes and personal touches. Our memorial packages ensure that these steps and all necessary requirements are met with ease. We recognize that part of our responsibility is to ensure that the grieving process of the family and loved ones is not disturbed. Let us aide you with the logistics and details so that you can direct your focus to what truly matters.

Our Catholic Funeral Package

Like Christian funeral services, our Catholic memorial services are designed to create a calm, inviting atmosphere for your fellow mourners. We believe that mourning is both a personal endeavour and a group undertaking. When this bustle of life is brutally interrupted by an untimely passing, we come together to keep one another strong. Grieving, therefore, is a communal activity. Our memorial services are conducted by devout members of the Catholic community who, in their desire for solidarity and peace, aspire to help others in their time of need. Our beautiful Catholic funeral services allow for solemn gatherings, timely rituals and prayers, and a proper farewell by our Catholic priest. Children, who may be too young to understand the concept of death, are welcome and encouraged to experience the solemnity of a Catholic memorial service.

Usually, all Catholic funeral services follow a set order. Each step in this solemn series of events serves as a celebration of the deceased loved one’s life. Memorial services typically include:

  • The wake and vigil
  • Funeral rites
  • Final tributes

The wake and vigil are one of the most important aspects of Catholic funeral packages since it allows family members, close friends, and acquaintances to pay their respects to the beloved soul and remember his remarkable deeds. It is during this time that nightly prayers are observed, which may include secular hymns and songs. Nightly prayers are held for the departed loved ones as a celebration of their life on earth and as a final plea for mercy to the Almighty to save their souls. On the last evening of the wake, a mass may be held by the family of the deceased. In Singapore, the wake may be held in funeral homes, churches, or even at home. Our comprehensive funeral packages make sure that the best option is available to the grieving family.

Catholic Funeral Service - Before the Final Rites

Before the final rites, a funeral mass should be held by the priest. The Bible sermons will typically touch on the story of resurrection and remind the mourners that all life on earth is fleeting, but eternity can be found with the Lord in Heaven. For his Homily, the priest will use uplifting Bible passages to ease the family’s pain and assure them that death is but the first step to salvation.

One or several of the departed’s closest loved ones may wish to offer a eulogy. This is typically a warm, personalized testimony to the impact of their lives on others and may include witty anecdotes, stories, and descriptions of the deceased. A eulogy is important to the mourners as it imparts the feeling that their loved one is still here, watching over them. It helps them to look back at how significant they were and how beloved they always will be. Most importantly, it will help them find the words and strength to say their goodbyes.

Catholic Funeral Service - Final Rites

Finally, the Rites of Committal or final tributes are performed after the funeral mass and before the burial or cremation. This ultimate gesture is perhaps the most somber, as it will be the last time that the body of the deceased is seen. The Rite represents our acceptance of the departed’s fate. Though this might be the final earthly appearance of the dearly beloved, our memorial service will help ensure that the rite is a beautiful, peaceful final farewell. Catholics believe that death and dying are merely gateways for mortals in which to enter the spiritual world. At this time, we return their body to the Earth of our Creator and pray for the ascension of their soul into Heaven.

The loss of a close friend or family member is a humbling tragedy. Grief is a fickle and unforgiving emotion. Sadly, we concede that the even most beautifully executed memorial service cannot fully purge your grief, but it can help you get through it with grace and strength of spirit. Our Catholic funeral services ensure that the mourners are comforted and at peace with the memorial. No matter how tragic the end, it is the memory that lives on. This memory we celebrate through our serene memorial services.

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