Buddhist Funeral Service and Buddhist Funeral Packages Singapore

Are you looking for a Buddhist funeral service Singapore that caters to your specific rites, traditions, and needs? We understand that Buddhist funeral rites tend to differ from one school to another. Some are simple yet solemn while others tend to be more traditional and ritualistic.

Buddhist Funeral Set Up
Buddhist Funeral Package Singapore

Buddhist Funeral Service Customized to Your Needs

We provide each customer with a custom Buddhist funeral package. We understand that the deceased may have requested regarding their rites. The family of the dearly departed may also have individual needs and requests according to their traditions. 

We strive to serve both the wishes of the departed and their families when we provide a Buddhist funeral service. We understand that the different Buddhist funerals in Singapore and we have catered to them for all our clients. We do our best and strive to uphold the dignity and solemnity of these rites.

Buddhist Funeral Service Singapore
Buddhist Funeral Singapore

Custom Buddhist Funeral Package Offerings

Buddhist Funeral Package

The following are the items that will be included in our funeral packages. You can choose which ones to include for your service when you book with us.

  • Half glass coffin made from polished wood
  • Hearse transport
  • Cosmetology services
  • Professional embalming
  • Fans and general lighting
  • Tables and chair
  • Tentage setup
  • Modern Buddhist backdrop
  • Flower arrangement service
  • Photo enlargement
  • Floral frame
  • Vegetarian food offerings
  • 45 seater Bus service for procession attendees
  • Post funeral consultation
  • Cremation slot booking service
  • Cremation service
  • Ash collection services
  • Buddhist monk booking for chants

Note that we have 3-day and 5-day Buddhist funeral packages. The simple package options tend to be more affordable compared to the standard packages. The 5-day Buddhist funeral package tends to be a bit more expensive.

Note that you can extend the funeral service up to 7 days.

We can arrange temple access and set up altars according to your specifications. We can also provide you with a service crew at a venue of your choice so you can have a hospitality staff on standby for your guests.

Buddhist Funeral Altar
Buddhist Casket

Understanding Buddhism and Its Funeral Symbols

To understand the rich symbolism in a Buddhist funeral service, you need to know more about Buddhism. The teachings of Siddharta Gautama Buddha have been around for more than two millennia.

The enlightenment that he received hundreds of years ago has influenced and guided millions of people through the ages. His teachings are as relevant today as they did in ancient times.

One of the major tenets of Buddhism is karma, the law of cause and effect. There are many aspects of a Buddhist funeral service that will be related to this belief.

One particular symbol that you may easily notice is the lotus flower. It is a symbol of purity in this worldview. One of its connotations is that one must strive for purity to achieve nirvana, a transcendent state of perfect happiness.

We must understand that death is not the end in Buddhism. Of course, the departure of someone you love is in itself a painful experience. That is why we provide services to the bereaved as well in every Buddhist funeral service.

The following are some of the common things you will see during a Buddhist funeral service. The meanings behind the symbols are also indicated below:

  • Incense – Symbolizes ethical living, also symbolizes the cycle of life


  • Fruits, stones, and flowers – sometimes you will see these items as part of a Buddhist funeral package. Some families can request that an altar be erected which will contain fruits and flowers. The fruits represent virtue and the flowers for wisdom.


  • Offering cloth – you may see people passing a white cloth to the monk who will be conducting the funeral rites. In some circles, this is an essential component in a Buddhist funeral service. The cloth is used to shroud the body of the deceased as a kind of intervention for his soul.


  • Juzu beads – 108 juzu beads may sometimes be offered to the deceased. They symbolize discipline and rigor.


  • Earth, water, and tree – one of the participants in a Buddhist funeral service, usually one of the lay leaders, will recite a blessing to the grieving family while pouring water on his index finger. After the blessing is completed, the water is then poured onto the ground and roots of a nearby tree. The rich symbolism of this ritual is truly beautiful. It denotes righteous living and its impact on the public and the influence of one’s actions even after the grave.

These are only some of the symbols and rites that you might see during a Buddhist funeral service. Note that there are primarily two categories of Buddhist funeral customs in Singapore–Theravada and Mahayana.

That is why you will usually see many families praying to a Buddha statue during a Buddhist funeral service. You will see a lot of chanting during the procession. A huge part of the ceremonies will depict the stages of life and death. Some customs symbolize the cause and meaning of suffering while others show the end and escape from that suffering.

When you attend a wake in a Buddhist funeral service, you will usually be required to light a joss stick. Note that there is no required number of sticks that you should light but lighting only one would be sufficient.

If a Buddhist funeral service follows Theravada teachings and customs, then expect to see monks chanting at the altar. You will usually see them on the first day of the funeral. They will notably be present during the final night of the said funeral and during the actual funeral day when the body will be cremated.

Before cremation, the monks will also perform a final chant. After that, the procession will then move to the crematorium for the cremation proper and then to the burial ground.

We cater to both the Mahayana and Theravada customs. We also provide for other customs as well upon request. If there are certain rituals and family customs that you would like to uphold during a Buddhist funeral service, please call us today to make these arrangements.

Buddhist Funeral Package
Buddhist Funeral

I’m a Non-Buddhist, What Should I Expect?

If you are attending a Buddhist funeral service or you’re setting up a service for a departed loved one, you should expect the following from a Singaporean Buddhist funeral. These are things that we will help arrange on your behalf when you book with us:

  • Enlightenment ceremony
  • Burial or cremation service
  • Ancestral tablet installation and prayers
  • Ash collection or sea burial (depends on your choice)
  • Memorial day service

If you haven’t attended or participated in Buddhist funeral ceremonies before, then here are a few tips and reminders:

  1. Dress Modestly: modesty in attire reflects respect in Buddhism. It is at the core of the teachings of Buddha. Put on an outfit that fits the mood of the service—there is no need for something flashy or fancy and too formal. The color of your clothes is very important. It is generally acceptable to wear white but you can also put on anything black. Red and other flashy colors are unacceptable.
  1. Donations, Cards, and Gifts: guests are encouraged to bring gifts to show their sympathy and condolences during the funeral. Monetary tokens and donations should be placed in white envelopes.

Observe Funeral Rites: note that Buddhist funeral rites in Singapore usually take place under a void deck. A portrait of the deceased will also be on display. You can pay respects to the dearly departed either by lighting a joss stick or bowing for a few seconds. 

Why Our Customer Choose Us for Buddhist Funeral Services?

Buddhist families in Singapore choose us for Singapore funeral services because we are leading experts in conducting Buddhist funeral rites. Our mission and vision are not only to cater to the transition of the dearly departed souls but we also serve the needs of the grieving family.

Our goal is to provide for all of your funeral needs so you can focus on what truly matters—obtaining peace and comfort during such trying times.

We also offer the following advantages when you book a Buddhist funeral package with us:

  • Affordable Buddhist funeral package options
  • One-stop-shop resource for everything that you will need
  • We provide for your utmost convenience. You tell us what you need and we can tap into our network of providers to provide them to you.
  • Our staff is highly trained and we place a very heavy emphasis on customer service and sensitivity to the attendees of these rites. We make it a point to focus on providing support for the grieving family and their friends.

A Final Word

When you book with us for a Buddhist funeral package Singapore, we prioritize your needs above all others. We are detail-oriented and aim to provide a complete service package that covers all your requests. Call today for a consultation and a free quote.


  1. Will there be a burial?

Both cremation and burial are acceptable in Buddhism. The choice will be made by the family of the deceased.

  1. What should I wear?

Anything modest will be fine. Avoid bright colors. Case in point–you can wear the colors and styles that the bereaved family is wearing as a sign of respect.

  1. What rituals should I expect?

Expect a lot of chanting which will be led by the Buddhist monks present. You may also expect a procession if requested by the family.

  1. What can I say to show my condolences?

Simple words like “she is in a better place now” will be fine.

  1. How do I arrange a funeral Buddhist funeral in Singapore?

It’s simple, you can call us today for a free consultation and our staff members can discuss every essential detail of our full range of funeral services with you. We also provide you with a free quote that will include all the costs. There will be no hidden charges or fees.

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